BTS Reveal The Words They Want To Hear The Most From Their Members

Here’s what they want to hear from, and say to, each other.

On Let’s BTSBTS revealed which words they want to hear from their fellow members, and which words they would like to say to them. Here are their answers!

1. RM

RM wanted to hear the words, “You’re very handsome” from the one and only Mr. Worldwide Handsome, Jin.

After Jin complimented him, the rest of their members started praising RM’s visuals by bringing up his look from the 2020 GRAMMY Awards. They got so carried away that Jin had to interrupt by saying, “He wanted to hear that from me.”

2. Jin

“I made a song, you can take it.” Jin has been waiting three long years to hear these words from Suga! In reply, Suga told Jin that he has a song he can have, but Jin will need to write the lyrics for it. Jin happily agreed!

| Let’s BTS/KBS

3. Suga

Suga wanted to say, “You are the best leader,” to RM. He went on to tell RM that most of the accomplishments BTS achieved would not have been possible without him. He also recognized how tough RM’s leadership responsibilities are.

4. J-Hope

What did J-Hope want to say to V? “We all like you.” These sweet words brought a bright smile to V’s face.

5. Jimin

Jimin wanted to hear the words, “I’m your copycat” from Jungkook. Why? According to Jimin, Jungkook has copied him many times. First of all, Jungkook was born in Busan after Jimin was born there. Jungkook also copied Jimin’s fashion, learned to dance after Jimin did, and more!

6. V

V wanted to tell Jimin, “Jimin, I like you the best.” 

This was way too much sweetness for Suga to handle! He cried out, cringing, and stood up from his chair.

7. Jungkook

More than anything else, Jungkook wanted J-Hope, BTS’s dance leader, to compliment his dance skills by telling him, “You’re a great dancer.”  Could this reaction be any cuter?