RM Is Hot And BTS Wants Everybody To Know It

They complimented his handsome looks on “Let’s BTS.”

Fact: RM is incredibly handsome. And hot. Just ask his fanboys, BTS!

RM’s selfie from the 2020 GRAMMY Awards | @bts_twt/Twitter

On the KBS talk show Let’s BTS, each member performed songs, answered questions, told funny stories, and revealed which words they wanted to hear from a fellow member. RM wanted to hear, “You’re so handsome” from the one and only Worldwide Handsome, Jin.

After Jin said, “Namjoon, you’re so handsome,” the rest of BTS showered him with compliments too! Suga called RM, “the most handsome member”

…and Jin added, “I like Namjoon’s looks these days.”

RM, overwhelmed by the love-fest, laughed and said, “I didn’t want it to go this way!” His members, however, weren’t quite finished yet!

When brought up RM’s look from the 2020 GRAMMY Awards, Suga shouted, “Hot guy! Hot guy!” in English. RM nearly spat out his water.

Before BTS could get too carried away, Jin interrupted.

Jin reminded them all that RM had specifically wanted to hear the compliment from him. “He wanted to hear that from me,” he said.

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