BTS Keeps Telling Suga “I Love You”, And He Just Can’t Handle It 

The cringe level was way too high for him on “Let’s BTS.”

BTS‘s Suga isn’t shy about showing (or receiving) love through actions, but words? That’s a different story!

For Suga, saying, “I love you,” can feel awkward and embarrassing. For example, when revealed Suga’s “I love you” text to him, Suga cried out for him to stop talking about it!

Unfortunately for Lil Meow Meow, his members aren’t shy about saying those three little words — whether he wants to hear them or not!

On BTS’s special talk show Let’s BTS, Suga had to hear, “I love you,” not once but four times in a row. Together, his members said, “Yoongi, I love you,” while gathered around a table.

Suga tried to keep a straight face…

…but it didn’t last long! His reaction was 50% cringe, 50% laughter, and 100% love for BTS!

Watch the clip below and check out more funny moments from Let’s BTS here.


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