20 Sassy #StopBTS Memes To Stop BTS Haters In Their Tracks

ARMY hijacked a hate campaign and made it a meme.

On March 5, a truck with the sign “#STOPBTS” was spotted on the streets of London, England. What started out as an anti-fan protest against BTS became ARMY’s new favorite meme. On Twitter, fans have made a few improvements to the #STOPBTS sign. Check out 20 of their best memes so far!

The original #STOPBTS sign in London. | @voguesfetish/ Twitter

1. Every ARMY checking their bank account:

2. This smooth move

3. BTS at the beach

4. Comedians everywhere:

5. This one might be aimed at V 

6. For the last time, HYBE!

7. We’re willing to bribe the stylists, if that’s what it takes.

8. They’re the number one hazard to ARMY’s health.

9. The real reason why that truck is driving around…

10. It’s happening…again.

11. There. Fixed it!

12. The other half of this sign must be on another truck.

13. Who can relate?

14. It’s just not fair!

15. Come back to the bird app, please!

16. We can’t live without them!

17. This humble and very reasonable request

18. Just stop. You’re not fooling anyone!

19. Shot fired?

20. This simple, undeniable truth


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