Here’s The Real Reason BTS’s V Always Deletes His Social Media Posts So Fast

Now you see it…and now you don’t.

Don’t blink or you might miss a social media post from BTS‘s V!

Constantly posting and deleting things throughout the years, he’s known for his super fast photos and videos that disappear just as quickly as they appeared. On Weverse, he once left up a selfie for as short as 30 seconds!

“30 seconds…😏” | Weverse

ARMYs have adapted to this and, thanks to the power of the internet, these deleted pics and videos can live on forever!

However, his deleting is now at an all time high with the amount of Instagram stories he posts and deletes in a day, so a fan decided to ask him about it on Weverse.

ARMY: Taehyung-ah, why do you keep deleting your Instagram stories? Is it because you’re not the same person you were 5 minutes ago? Lol

V: So I shouldn’t delete it?

| @thv/Instagram

When others began to ask V about his habits, he revealed the true reason he does it so often: Simply because he can!

I also don’t want to delete it but when I enter the story section, I feel like changing [old stories] into something new. There’s nothing new to upload.. So since the delete button is there, I delete it.🥲

— V

In the end, V doesn’t have any reason to delete these things, so he promised he’ll try to change his ways!

It doesn’t really have a meaning lol. If you’d like it, I’ll try not to delete it

— V

As long as V is having fun and posting whatever he wants, ARMYs will enjoy his content!