10+ Times BTS Were The Chillest Millionaires You’ve Never Met

They’re swimming in green, but you’d never know it if you bumped into them on the street.

Some rich people brag about GUCCI like they’re brand ambassadors. BTS‘s members, on the other hand, like to keep things low key. Here are 10+ times BTS were the world’s chillest millionaires!

1. That time Jungkook wore a $20,000 Rolex to school

2. When Jimin bought the latest iPad without looking at the price tag

In Break The Silence, Jimin did some speed shopping. He didn’t have time to look around so he just asked an employee for the latest iPad model, and bought it!

3. When RM got wet and wild without taking off his Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum watch. It’s worth $57,600 USD.

4. When J-Hope got dressed up like a CEO…without knowing it was for the cover of TIME

His watch alone costs $70,000 USD!

5. When J-Hope beaded homemade friendship bracelets while wearing a $5,700 Chanel watch

6. That time Jin bummed around at a meeting in $800 slippers

7. Meanwhile, Jungkook wore $1,200 Prada combat boots

Believe it or not, these soul-crushing stompers sold out a few hours later!

8. When Jimin put his feet up on RM’s George Nakashima coffee table

George Nakashima furniture sells for over $20,000, easy.

9. That time Suga wore an “expensive trash bag” to Dunkin’ Donuts

Suga was spotted in a COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT jacket that he jokingly referred to as a garbage bag. It was a gift from J-Hope!

10. When Jin wore a Balenciaga jacket ($1750 USD) to go fishing…

11. …plus a GUCCI ring and Givenchy sandals