8 BTS Moments That Broke College Students Can Relate To

These millionaires still forget that they’re rich.

BTS‘s members are all millionaires now, but they still have their “broke college students” moments. Here are 8 moments that financially strapped fans can relate to.

1. When Jungkook used a towel for a pillow

When BTS visited their pop-up store, House of BTS, last year, Jungkook bought a pillow because he didn’t have one.

I don’t have a pillow at home.

— Jungkook

“You don’t have a pillow?” Jin exclaimed in disbelief. “I use rolled up towels,” Jungkook replied.

2. When RM ate instant ramen on vacation

RM could have ordered the fanciest food in Venice, but no. He chose to eat raw noodles sprinkled with seasoning.

This “broke millennial” meal is commonly eaten by college students because it’s cheap, tasty, and quick to make. Yum!

3. Petty arguments with your roommates

Why would Jin drink champagne in a tailored suit, when he can bicker in his pajamas about kitchen scissors?

4. When they freaked out over a cash prize in Run BTS!

In Episode 79 of Run BTS!, BTS had the chance to win cash:  1,400,000 WON (approximately $1,183 USD).

This prize money is pocket change for people who wear $20,000 jackets and $70,000 watches, but you’d never guess it from their reactions.

When you’re a “broke college student”, free money is a dream come true!

5. Begging for free food

Free money is ideal, but the next best thing for broke students is free food. Yum!

6. Free stuff? Load up!

Suga bought a 3 million dollar apartment. He also pocketed this free mirror.

7. Finding a dollar on the street like:

8. Refusing to give up your cheapness even when you’re not a broke college student anymore

Jin’s philosophy couldn’t be more on point!