6 BTS Music Video Teasers That Don’t Sound Anything Like Their Full Songs

They can’t be trusted.

BTS loves to keep fans guessing right up until the reveal! Here, in no particular order, are teasers for six BTS music videos that sound drastically different than their full tracks.

J-Hope | HYBE Labels/Youtube

1. “No More Dream”

That’s right, BTS started clowning ARMY before ARMY even had a fandom name! The first trailer for BTS’s debut song sounds strikingly different than “No More Dream” in its entirety. It’s much more laidback, and it mixes orchestral strings with hip-hop.

Full version:

2. “N.O”

The “N.O” teaser does feature “N.O”, but this slowed-down version is much more haunting than the full song. It goes heavy on suspenseful sound effects and builds tension as well as a feeling that something ominous might be around the corner…

Full version:

3. “I NEED U”

The teaser version of “I NEED U” is essentially the slow jam version of this intense, emotional song. If you were one of the many who thought “I NEED U” would be chill, well, we know that that’s not how things played out!

Full version:

4. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

The intro music for the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” teaser and the full-length song don’t have much in common, aside from toying with our emotions. Towards the end, the teaser does an amazing job of previewing the members’ vocals without giving listeners any hints about how the chorus will sound.

Full version:


The second “FAKE LOVE” teaser gives listeners a true taste of what the full song sounds likes, but the first teaser refused to drop any hints! Instead of passionate pop-rock, we got relaxing piano music. How did that happen?

Full version:

6. “IDOL”

The biggest tease of all time? “IDOL”! The teaser track goes heavy on traditional Korean instruments and sounds shockingly different from the music video version of “IDOL”. When it comes to teasers, “IDOL” is the reason why so many fans have trust issues!

Full version:

BONUS: “Butter”

Nobody knows much about “Butter” yet, but we do know that BTS used IAmDaylight‘s “2020”, a royal-free track, in their first “Butter” concept clips. What will the full song sound like?


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