BTS’s New Album: Here Are 10 Exciting Things To Look Forward To

Here’s what we know about the album so far.

BTS‘s first album of 2020 came out just a few months ago, but the members are already hard at work preparing their next one. Although the album is in its early brainstorming stages, and the details are all subject to change, BTS have given us an idea of what they have in mind.

1. It will be a self-produced album with a hands-on approach

BTS‘s members are always involved in writing their own music and lyrics, but this time they seem to be taking a more intimate approach. For MAP OF THE SOUL: 7,  all seven were involved in writing, producing, and composing songs with over 20 songwriters.

From what we know about this new album, there might be less of these collaborations happening, and more focus on the music of BTS by BTS.

2. New behind the scenes roles

In addition to music-making, BTS have taken on production roles. Suga will be in charge of the album’s jacket, RM is involved in album production/music management, Jimin is the music project managerJ-Hope is involved in creating the choreography, and is the visual director.

Jungkook and Jin have not confirmed their roles yet, but a recent BangtanTV live stream tells us that Jungkook is most-likely taking on a role in video production.

3. An album jacket designed by Suga

As previously mentioned, Suga is in charge of the album jacket. What will it look like? RM, J-Hope, and V made a few suggestions in their live stream.

They would like to possibly see a vacation or travel theme combined with a candid, analog aesthetic.

This would be a major change from their MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 jackets that used polished studio photos with fashion model aesthetics.

4. Self-styling

BTS’s stylists have created many iconic looks, but this time around, BTS could be choosing their own wardrobe. Since each member has a completely different style, it would be interesting to see what they come up with.

5. White tees and jeans?

One of the self-styling ideas RM, V, and J-Hope brought up is the casual white tees and jeans look, similar to how they dressed at the end of their LOVE YOURSELF concerts.

BTS did a laidback denim look for LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, and a street-chic leather jacket concept for Version 4 of MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, but it would be interesting to see a boy-next-door look as BTS’s main jacket concept.

During RM, V, and J-Hope’s meeting, they also suggested backpacks to reference everyday life events like going to work, going to school, and graduating.

6. One album version instead of four

For several album releases, BTS has released four different versions of one album. This time RM suggested doing fewer, or just a single, album version.

7. Personalized photos

Rather than studio photos, this new album could potentially include candid photos taken by the members, Polaroid photos, and scrapbook-style photo collages, as suggested by RM and V. Or, it might seek to find a happy medium between studio photos and snapshots for pictures that feel polished, yet personal.

8. A concept that suits “the new normal”

BTS’s last album concept focused on “7” (seven members celebrating seven years together) while showing multiple sides of the members. For this new album, BTS is seeking a concept that suits “the new normal” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

RM suggested showing the “at home” side of BTS, such as showing the members doing hobbies during their downtime. This could include playing games, singing karaoke, or going on holidays together. If so, one shoot would be taken indoors in rooms styled by the members.

Another shoot that shows the members going places together, would take place outdoors.

9. GCF style videos

V recently suggested shooting videos of the album’s creation process that are similar to Jungkook’s Golden Closet Films. These potential videos, which could be included in the album package, would be shot and edited by Jungkook himself, or with the assistance of BTS’s staff.

10. Sincerity

BTS has done dozens of concepts and produced a variety of songs, but one thing never changes: their desire to be sincere. As such, fans can expect new music that speaks from the heart and helps them through these trying times.