Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In “‘Permission To Dance’ Anywhere”

Prices range from $18 to $690 USD!

BTS has been spoiling ARMYs with different versions of their songs. Recently, they treated us to a new video of their playing a “balance game” during the instrumental version of “Permission to Dance.” Now, they have released “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere,” which features the group dancing to the song in several locations (with the help of likely a good green screen and editors).


The video not only served as a reminder that BTS are lurking on stan Twitter, but it also reminded us just how effortlessly fashionable each member is. Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere:”

1. RM

RM wore The Poggy’s Box x FORSOMEONE‘s “Smiley Tshirt” for $301 USD, but it has sold out through different stores (his power)! He accessorized with the official “Butter” merchandise acrylic keyring, which is available for $18.58 USD on Weverse Shop. His matching kicks are Nike‘s “Dunk Low Michigan” for $100 USD. 

RM | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & The Poggy’s Box & FORSOMEONE & Weverse Shop & Nike

You’ll also want to get your hands on his solid yellow cap from GANT for just $34 USD!

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & GANT

2. Jin

Jin wore a matching two-piece overshirt and jeans from GANT for $216 and $197 USD, respectively. He added a pop of color with Vans‘ “Vault UA OG SK8-Hi LX x Free & Easy” for $95 USD.

Jin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Vans & GANT

He also represented with the striped T-shirt from the “Butter” collection on Weverse Shop for $41.80 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Weverse Shop

3. Suga

Suga continued with the yellow and denim trend with a yellow corduroy jacket from Levi’s with flared jeans from Louis Vuitton (like the good brand ambassador he is) for $254 and $890 USD, respectively. He wore Alexander McQueen sneakers for $520 USD. For the finishing touch, he added a Raf Simons pin to the look, which is sold in a set of six for $266 USD.

Suga | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Levi’s & Louis Vuitton & Raf Simons & Alexander McQueen

4. J-Hope

J-Hope perfectly coordinated his “Butter” denim shirt with shorts from MAGOODGAN, so much so that it looked like a matching set! Each item is surprisingly affordable as they cost $82.68 and $36 USD, respectively. His most expensive item is the “Blazer Low Sneakers” from sacai x Nike for $155 USD. The king of accessorizing added the “Butter” acrylic keyring and a beaded bracelet from Vintage Hollywood for $18.58 and $62.16 USD, respectively.

J-Hope | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & MAGOODGAN & Weverse Shop & Vintage Hollywood & Sacai & Nike

5. Jimin

Jimin wore a denim jumpsuit from MAGOODGAN that very few can pull off for $147 USD. He also added a touch of “Butter” by wearing the keyring. He completed the look with Dr. Martens‘ oxford shoes for $130 USD.

Jimin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Weverse Shop & MAGOODGAN & Dr. Martens

6. V

BTS are certainly bringing back the denim-on-denim, and we’re here for it! V paired his “Butter” denim shirt, like J-Hope, with more denim but instead wore wide-legged pants rather than shorts. The pants are from NOHANT and cost $171 USD. His shoes are the “1461 Iced Oxfords” from Dr. Martens and cost $120 USD.

V | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Weverse Shop & NOHANT & Dr. Martens

7. Jungkook

Jungkook paired his “Butter” shirt with denim overalls from THESTORI for $68 USD. While this outfit is one we can maybe afford, his sneakers add quite the additional cost as they are the “Tread Slick Lace Up” from Alexander McQueen for $690 USD.

Jungkook | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & BANGTANTV/YouTube & Weverse Shop & THESTORI & Alexander McQueen

You can check out the rest of the new “Butter” merchandise collection below:

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Source: @Bangtan_Style07, @RMGlobalUnion, Image (1) and (2) and BANGTANTV