Here Are 10+ Stunning Fanarts Inspired By BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

Everyone needs to see #6!

BTS‘s most recent online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” left ARMYs inspired and ready to get creative! Check out 10+ gorgeous pieces of artwork below that feature scenes, outfits, and events from the show.

1. Don’t be fooled: It’s not a photograph!

2. That J-Hope look that no one can get over

3. Present Jin with his adorable bow

4. Criminal RM, charged with stealing ARMY’s hearts

5. Suga + Sunglasses = Swag!

6. Busan boys putting on a stunning performance of “Black Swan”

7. V is for “Vampire!”

8. A “Fire” performance that will go down in history

9. The best gift an ARMY could receive

10. Looks that we can’t stop thinking about

11. Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of art?

12. The cutest seven boys around

13. Take cover, Jungkook!

14. “Black Swan” Jimin

15. Baby RM is too squishy!

16. Iconic moments from the show

17. Cute and sexy Jungkook in his crop top

18. Confetti malfunctions

19. Suga’s version of “So What”

20. This iconic moment of “Fake Love”

Check out more from the concert below!

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