Here Are 10+ Celebs Who Attended BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” Concerts

BTS are truly the celebrities’ celebrities!

BTS recently concluded their four-day concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, at Allegiant Stadium. Since the stadium has a huge capacity of 65,000 and is in a popular city for stars, a few celebrities were bound to attend, especially considering the 2022 GRAMMYs was right before it. ARMY is a hugely diverse fanbase, after all.

So, here are 10+ celebrities spotted at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Las Vegas…

1. Steve Aoki

The world-famous DJ attended one of BTS’s concerts and visited with them.

It was so nice to see them all together again!

He shared a vlog on his YouTube channel, and they reminisced about their past collaborations “Waste It On Me” and “MIC Drop.”

2. Simon Pegg

The English actor (and certified ARMY) previously shared that he was taking his daughter to see their favorite group.

He revealed on Instagram that his wife, daughter, and he got to meet the members at the concert!

Also, apparently, Pegg’s wife has a bias, and it’s V!

Don’t worry too much about Pegg. He has biases himself!

3. Benny Blanco

After going to BTS’s concert, American record producer, DJ, songwriter, and record executive, Benny Blanco tweeted his love for the group.

A few days later, he shared a group photo he took with the group from that night.

He previously attended their L.A. concerts too.

4. Kevin Woo

The former U-KISS member, singer-songwriter, and actor Kevin Woo shared photos on April 7, announcing that he was in Las Vegas.

It turned out that he was there for BTS!

Kevin shared lots of love for BTS as he attended the first weekend, sharing on both Twitter and Instagram.

He updated Instagram Stories throughout the night.

| @kevinwoo_official/Instagram
| @kevinwoo_official/Instagram

Kevin Woo has been ARMY for years now, often talking about his love for the group.

5. Erika Titus

The Hawaiian TikToker and her brother, Jake (also known as Jacob), visited Las Vegas to attend one of the BTS concerts.

Of course, she has been updating her loyal 1.9 million TikTok followers with a lot of content!



♬ original sound – Erika

She shared a vlog on getting merch…


was a great time!

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Erika even posted a quick video of her and Jake ahead of the concert.



♬ original sound – Erika

And, of course, several videos from the concert itself!


@jaketitus94 and i will never be the same

♬ original sound – Erika


Reply to @bunnytoez truly life changing

♬ original sound – Erika



♬ original sound – Erika

6. Liam McEwan

ARMY’s favorite interviewer always supports BTS!

7. Irene Kim

The Korean American model, beauty and fashion blogger, and TV personality Irene Kim (also known as Ireneisgood online) attended both the 2022 Coachella and one of BTS’s Las Vegas shows.

Besides sharing lots of photos and videos on Instagram, Irene also shared a short vlog on TikTok from her BTS concert experience.


Happiest vibes EVER💜 #bts #permissiontodance #lasvegas

♬ Boy With Luv – BTS

8. Michael Bearden

After meeting at Lady Gaga‘s concert, her Musical Director, Jazz-Piano Conductor, and Producer Michael Bearden shared photos with J-Hope, praising him and saying that he would likely be attending one of BTS’s last shows.

| @michaelbearden/Instagram
| @michaelbearden/Instagram

He did exactly that, sharing some of his experiences on Instagram and following J-Hope on Instagram.

9. Donald Barrett

J-Hope and drummer Donald Barrett met at Lady Gaga‘s concert. Barrett posted a photo with him on Instagram, promising to attend BTS’s concert.

| @donaldmusic28/Instagram

He did exactly that and took his wife and daughter!

10. Andy Trieu

You may remember Andy as the host behind some classic BTS interviews…


TAEHYUNG 2015 VS TAEHYUNG 2022 #btsv #tae #taehyung #btsarmy #ptd_on_stage_lasvegas

♬ original sound – Andy Trieu

The Australian host attended the final show.

He has been sharing lots of content from the event on his social media accounts, including TikTok.



♬ original sound – Andy Trieu


Sydney to Las Vegas 💜 #bts #btsarmy #ptd_on_stage_lv #ptdlasvegas #andytrieushow

♬ original sound – Andy Trieu

He attended more events besides the concert, such as the BTS pop-up. There are many videos to live vicariously through!


#btsarmy💜 wave #ptdonstage #bts #btsxarmy

♬ original sound – Amanda Castrillo


Random #BTS PHOTOCARD? #jungkook #taehyung #jimin #namjoon #jhope #jin #yoongi

♬ original sound – Andy Trieu

11. Sleep Deez

One of the talented musicians behind Jungkook‘s solo “My Time” attended the second weekend of BTS’s Las Vegas shows. He reposted an ARMY’s post that night.

Also, ARMYs who saw him in person witnessed just how gentlemanly he is in IRL!


The Japanese guitarist, also known as Miyavi Lee Ishihara, attended with his son the last weekend.

13. Amber Liu

The f(x) member shared videos on her Instagram Stories, live-reacting to BTS’s concert.

She and V have been known to be good friends for many years! Within the past couple of years, Amber revealed they keep in touch and occasionally play video games together.

And, even more, celebrities attended BTS’s L.A. shows! Check out all the celebs who attended PTDLA below:

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