Actor Simon Pegg Professes His Love For BTS And Reveals He Has A Bias Wrecker

He can’t pick just one bias, and honestly, same!

BTS has one of the most diverse fanbases. ARMY includes successful artists, athletes, and celebrities from all over the world. From American singer Lizzo, Filipina Actress Belle Mariano, and Indonesian content creator Arief Muhammad, they all proudly declare their love for BTS! 

BTS in “Butter” concept photo | BIGHIT MUSIC

One of BTS’s most famous fans is none other than English actor, writer, and producer Simon Pegg! He’s the co-founder of Stolen Picture but perhaps is most well-known for his roles in popular franchises such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible and cult classics like Shaun of the Dead.

Simon Pegg at “Star Trek Beyond” premiere | Diana Pearson for Paramount Pictures

He’s more than mega-successful in the film industry. He’s also a proud father and a certified ARMY!

Simon Pegg’s Instagram Story in which he included BTS’s “IDOL” | @simonpegg/Instagram

During a recent Instagram Live, Simon couldn’t hide his love for BTS! He talked about how he and his daughter have bonded over their mutual love for the group. They also recently watched BTS’s iconic guest appearance on the variety show Running Man.

BTS on “Running Man” | SBS

He even sang a little bit of “Mic Drop” for a moment before completely professing his love for BTS! Who doesn’t love “Mic Drop?” It’s an absolute banger!

| @simonpegg/Instagram via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

While his daughter is sure to be credited for Simon’s being introduced to BTS, he has definitely become just as much an ARMY or, dare we say, maybe more than her now. He couldn’t stop praising the boys! We definitely can’t blame him. They deserve all the praise they get.

I love BTS. I think they’re great. I think those boys are so talented and hard-working… I know them from my daughter’s love of them. …They work so damn hard, and they’re so talented.

— Simon Pegg

| @simonpegg/Instagram via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

He explained that he has also been able to discover a newfound love of pop music through BTS. So, while his daughter introduced him to BTS, BTS are, in a way introducing him to even more music now.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into them and finding a love of pop which I didn’t think I had.

— Simon Pegg

| @simonpegg/Instagram via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

It seems like he might be a NCTzen too! He also shared a proud dad moment to his Instagram Stories with NCT 127‘s “Regular” as the sound.

| @simonpegg/Instagram

Of course, everyone wants to know who his bias is. Well, although it had been Jimin at one time, it seems like it might actually be Suga! In April, he even shared a video of himself listening to “Daechwita!”

Yes, they’re all very pretty. I’m having a Yoongi moment right now…

— Simon Pegg

| @simonpegg/Instagram via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

While Suga seems to have stolen his heart, for now, he did reveal that when “Butter” came out, J-Hope was his bias. He also recalled his past “celebrity crush” being Jimin. Regardless, it seems like ultimately Simon is OT7! During his live, he made sure not to leave anyone out.

I had a big Jimin moment… Jin, I love. I love them, all of the boys, all of them. Jungkook, V, RM… He’s a good leader, RM.

— Simon Pegg

| @simonpegg/Instagram via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

There’s no question Simon is a true ARMY! He even refers to members by their real names. We love to see successful ARMYs thriving.

Check out some clips from Simon Pegg’s Instagram Live below:

Source: @dalbitbangtan and @simonpegg