Here Are All 20+ Celebs Spotted At BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts

The stars were out those nights!

BTS recently concluded their four-day concerts in Los Angeles, California, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, at SoFi Stadium. Since the stadium has a capacity of 70,000+ seats and it’s in a star-filled city, a few celebrities were bound to end up in attendance. ARMY is a hugely diverse fanbase, after all.

From left: V, J-Hope, Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jin, and Jimin of BTS. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

So, here are 20+ celebs spotted at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts…

1. Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is a super talented Grammy-winning musician of both African-American and Korean heritage. He’s one-half of the super duo Silk Sonic with Bruno Mars and one of the few people in attendance lucky enough to meet BTS too!

Anderson and his family, including his wife, Jae Lin, and his son, Soul Rasheed, are all ARMY and have been hoping to meet BTS for a while now. So, that dream finally came true, and the interactions were priceless.

2. Conan Gray

Japanese American singer-songwriter Conan Gray shared his POV of the BTS concert on December 2 to his Instagram Stories!

He previously met V at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs).

3. Megan Thee Stallion

After she couldn’t make it to the 2021 AMAs, we finally got the “Butter” performance featuring The Hot Girl Coach we’ve all been waiting for!

| @theestallion/Twitter

It was everything we dreamt of and more!

4. Coldplay’s Chris Martin

We then got a “My Universe” performance on the last day, featuring Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin! We love this friendship so much.

5. Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman

Shawn Stockman is an OG ARMY now! After covering Jimin‘s “Serendipity” and meeting them at the 2021 AMAs, he attended their December 2 concert.

His Twitter turned true BTS fan account that night too.

He frequently updated throughout the concert…

He shared some of his favorite performances, such as “Dynamite…”

…and, of course, “Butter!”

Following the concert, he shared his reaction with his daughter and sent tremendous praise to the group, even comparing their stage presence to Michael Jackson!

6. Bella Poarch

The “queen of TikTok” had not so subtly hinted for a while that she’s ARMY.

But when she attended their concert, she fully revealed just how big of a fan she is!

If anyone doubted it before, it’s clear she’s totally RM-biased!

She even wore an oversized hoodie, one of her trademark looks, which read, “I ❤️RM.”

She even experienced Post-Concert Depression!

Her reactions afterward the concert were relatable AF!

7. Melanie Martinez

She didn’t go alone either… Netizens spotted a familiar face in Bella’s TikTok video.

Melanie Martinez is an American singer-songwriter, visual artist, director, actress, screenwriter, photographer, and… ARMY?!

8. The Try Guys

Eugene Lee Yang, Korean American content creator, activist, and 1/4 of The Try Guys, celebrated Jin‘s birthday with the rest of ARMY at the last concert.

He wasn’t alone, of course! He took the rest of his crew with him. Fellow Try Guy Keith Habersberger shared a video on TikTok as they left the concert.


We had fun at @BTS #bts #btsarmy

♬ original sound – Keith Habersberger

9. Halsey

BTS’s bestie Halsey was spotted at their concert, and the members couldn’t stop teasing!


“I want it”😭 #bts #halsey #btsconcert2021 #j1kseok #kpopfyp #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – No.

They were so excited to be reunited that they shared a group photo afterward.

Likewise, Halsey shared photos from the night, too, including a shot with their baby, with the perfect caption, “uncle gang.” Too cute!

10. Lizzo

One of BTS’s other besties, Lizzo, also attended and shared this sweet timelapse from the first concert.


Timelapse of the BTS encore – beautiful

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

This VMIN-biased ARMY might now be bias-wrecked by Jin.

11. Scooter Braun

Businessman Scooter Braun shared that he was at BTS’s concert on his Instagram Stories. Many ARMYs were confused about why he was there, but BTS’s company HYBE did acquire Scooter’s company Ithaca Holdings this year, so it’s not too strange from that perspective.

12. Tori Kelly

He attended with singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, who is an ARMY. Jungkook also has been a longtime fan of hers!

13. Benny Blanco

The whole squad was out that night. American record producer, DJ, songwriter, record executive, and actor Benny Blanco attended with Scooter and Tori.

Fun fact: One of Blanco’s songs is included on Jungkook’s playlist!

14. Selena Gomez

ARMYs noticed a familiar face in the audience the first night of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE… It was none other than the solo artist and actress Selena Gomez!


DJ, Billboard host, and Jimin-biased ARMY, TETRIS was beyond excited to see BTS in concert!

He shared magical photos from the evening on his social media.

16. Liam McEwan

He’s not the only host/interviewer in attendance. Superfan Liam McEwan, ARMYs’ beloved interviewer, attended not just one…

…or two…

…not even three…

He attended all four PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts!

17. MAX

Suga‘s friend and collaborator MAX attended the last night of the concerts with “Blueberry Eyes” herself, his wife!

18. Mike Einziger

Incubus co-founder, musician Mike Einziger surprised his followers when he posted that he was at one of BTS’s concerts!

19. Jon M. Chu

Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu shared clips from BTS’s final concert in L.A. He even had an ARMY Bomb!

20. Barry Jenkins

American film director, screenwriter, and producer Barry Jenkins, the man behind the Oscar-winning film Moonlight and Amazon series The Underground Railroad, suggested BTS play the NFL Super Bowl after seeing them in person.

He even shared the iconic #MoonForJinLA birthday project outcome!

21. Lulu Wang

Jenkins attended the finale with his partner Lulu Wang, another award-winning director-writer. Her post’s caption seems like a subtle reference to her film The Farewell. 

22. James Corden

BTS not only visited James Corden on The Late Late Show, but he also visited them at SoFi Stadium for their concerts!

ARMYs in attendance as well spotted him waving his ARMY Bomb!

23. Zayn Malik and Becky G (Rumored)

Last but not least, British singer Zayn was allegedly spotted at the first of BTS’s four-day concerts.

Similarly, ARMYs have said they saw Becky G as well. Previously, she said she’d attempt to support her friends!

| @jinsloverx_/Twitter via @Taesty_bread/Twitter

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