Here Are The 10+ Sexiest Looks From BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

When you see #7, you’ll understand why it went viral.

BTS‘s latest online concert “Permission To Dance On Stage” introduced a whole new set of iconic concert looks that will live on in ARMY’s minds forever! Check out 10+ of the sexiest styling choices that will make you fall for each member at least once.

1. King V revealed his temporary tattoo in an open white shirt.

2. Jimin’s blazer had just enough coverage!

3. J-Hope showed off his sexy charisma in a hat.

4. Lots of sweaty RM does the soul good.

5. Jin and Jungkook showed us how to look amazing in pastels.

6. Whenever Suga rocks a pair of sunglasses, it’s over for ARMY!

7. Fact: Jimin’s sleeveless top and sexy arms changed everyone’s lives.

8. Worldwide Handsome Jin served us visuals on a platter.

9. This J-Hope left absolutely everyone swerving for him!

10. V’s decision to leave the tattoo on during the encore was definitely the right choice.

11. “Blue & Grey” Suga looked handsome from every angle.

12. Three words: Crop top Jungkook!

13. This look on Jimin lives in everyone’s minds rent-free.

14. Name something sexier than J-Hope in all-black… I’ll wait.

15. “No More Dream” but make it hotter!

16. Criminal Jin is in trouble…for stealing hearts!

17. He’s the vampire prince of everyone’s dreams.

18. Jungkook chest enthusiasts, this one is for you.

19. The man you are today, Jung Hoseok!

20. How are we feeling, ARMYs?


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