4 Times BTS Accidentally Photobombed ARMYs…And Their Parents

They showed up out of nowhere.

Imagine appearing in a photo with BTS by accident. For these lucky ARMYs (and their parents) it happened! Check out 4 unexpected photobomb moments here.

1. Mom and…RM?

Twitter user by the name of @tetestears was in for a surprise when she scrolled through old vacation photos in Copenhagen. While on a boat tour, the fan snapped a photo of her mother, not realizing that RM was in the background.

“I came across this photo that I took of my mom on a boat tour,” she wrote in a tweet. “And when I zoomed in [on] the picture I started crying and screaming from happiness. It was Kim Namjoon right behind my mom.” 

Back in 2019, when the photo was taken, @tetestears did not recognize RM because she had not joined the fandom yet.

I wasn’t a fan back then and I had no idea who those people were. I’d never checked the photo until today, and I am totally losing my mind. I couldn’t believe it, still can’t. He was there with two friends and the boat tour went on for about an hour and a half.

— tetestears

2. This dad who was minding his own business

In June 2019, one unsuspecting dad went viral after he accidentally crashed BTS’s photoshoot in Las Vegas. BTS was in town for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, where they took home the awards for “Top Duo/Group” and “Top Social Artist”.

While looking through the photos, an ARMY spotted her dad living his best dad life in the background. Her dad ended up sharing the bar with RM, Suga, and in one photo and Jimin in another photo.

When @taejooons noticed her dad, she shared her discovery with the world.

3. This ARMY at the airport

In 2019, one lucky ARMY lived out a y/n moment at the airport when she got photobombed by V and Jungkook. It turns out that the ARMY, Salwa Abuljadayel, was a member of BTS’s staff in Riyadh for their 2019 LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour.

Salwa Abuljadayel with V (left) and Jungkook (right). |@_alsalwa/Instagram

4. Do y’all mind if I scream?

This fan was not expecting Suga to show up behind her…

| @tania_feliciano/Twitter

…and it shows!