5 Times BTS’s RM Broke Big Hit Entertainment’s Rules In The Best Ways

Sometimes “RM” stands for “Rebel Master”.

BTS‘s “God of Destruction” RM breaks everything, including the rules. Here are 5 times he proved that “RM” could stand for “Rebel Master”!

1. That time he posted screenshots

Fans found out that what happens in BTS Universe Story doesn’t stay in BTS Universe Story when RM unexpectedly joined Netmarble‘s new BTS mobile game.

| Samsung/Youtube

As fanfiction writers scrambled to cover their tracks, RM posted screenshots of his gaming adventures on Weverse.

I’m bad at choosing things like this… [logging off] for today.

— RM

This was, of course, against the rules!

2. That other time he posted screenshots

It seems that RM is a repeat offender when it comes to not reading the fine print! When Netmarble released their first BTS game, BTS WORLD, RM posted screenshots on Twitter for the entire world to see.

You are an imitation.

— RM

Did Netmarble take legal action? Heck no. Instead, they retweeted one of RM’s rule-breaking tweets and captioned it, “You’re that…rapper Kim Namjoon hyung, right? I saw the video of you rapping!” 

3. Rebellious in Riyadh

When BTS performed in Saudi Arabia, they made adjustments to their more sensual choreography out of respect for the local culture. All “intimate behavior” on stage was supposed to be toned down, which meant no hip thrusts…

…unless you’re RM. For “Baepsae”, J-Hope switched out his usual pelvic attacks with a cute heart…

…but RM (accidentally?) slipped into the normal choreography. Oops!

4. That time he teamed up with “Jin Hit”

When it comes to breaking rules, Jin is the agency’s biggest rebel. RM became his accomplice during BTS’s “Map of the Song: 7” for FESTA 2020.

Together, Team Jin Hit decided three chances weren’t enough to win the prizes they wanted from the “lucky draw board”, so they tried to keep going.

When the staff stopped them, Jin tried to sneak off with the whole board.

Meanwhile, RM found a crafty way to (almost) take the prize he wanted. Although it wasn’t explicitly stated in the rules, abusing one’s “hyung privilege” was certainly frowned upon! RM tried to swap prizes with Jimin, but Jimin wasn’t having it.

5. Every single time he spilled spoilers

Big Hit Entertainment tries to keep BTS’s content top secret, but what good is plugging a leak when a whole flood called RM exists? RM has spoiled everything from comebacks to world tours, and fans are thankful for it!