10 Times BTS’s RM Embarrassed Himself By Being Himself

Nobody embarrasses RM like RM.

BTS‘s leader may seem calm, cool, and collected, but he has his bashful moments too. Here are 10 times RM made himself feel totally embarrassed!


1. When he flapped around with Jimin…while making seagull noises


2. When he threw off his own groove

3. When he apologized to his dad for calling himself cute

‘Why are you so cute?’ Because I’m Namjoon.

4. When this duet suddenly became a solo

RM was singing “Last Christmas” with Jungkook at a fan meeting until Jimin cued Jungkook to stop. RM’s reaction is priceless!


5. When he called himself ARMY’s “Grape Berry”


6. That time he became Worldwide Bashful

Blowing kisses doesn’t embarrass Jin. RM on the other hand…


7. When his fanboying got caught on camera


8. Kisses? Finger hearts? Never mind…


9. When he spotted a fansite while snacking

10. Every time he sees the RMs of the past



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