10+ Hilarious No-Context BTS’s RM Moments That Will Make You Wheeze

#2 is absolutely classic.

BTS‘s RM has a goofy side to him — and it’s ridiculously loveable. From making a mess to having the most hysterical facial expressions, he’s always unintentionally causing laughter. Check out these 10+ moments that show how effortlessly funny he really is!

1. You had one job, slipper.

2. The bulldozer is coming through and he will not be stopped.

3. Watch each person’s reaction and somehow it gets even funnier.

4. He just wants a sip of microphone. I mean, water.

5. Crisis (barely) averted.

6. Remember when he shoved the whole fortune cookie in his mouth, paper and all?

7. If anyone wants to know, this is how you properly remove your sunglasses.

8. How to know if RM has been somewhere:

9. Where are you going all alone?

10. No thoughts, head empty.

11. It’s all fun and games until this happens.

12. You can’t help but watch this and think, “Only RM.”

13. Don’t worry, nobody besides Jimin saw that.

Source: Nate Pann