5+ Moments From BTS RM’s “Indigo” Streaming Party On STATIONHEAD That Everyone Needs To Hear

He was so funny!

Social music platform STATIONHEAD recently announced an official streaming party for BTS RM‘s new solo album Indigo. “A surprise” was teased…

And it turned out that RM was hosting the streaming party!

In case you missed it or want to relive some of the most iconic moments from the Indigo streaming party, here are 5+…

1. RM speaking words of wisdom

2. He’s self-aware.

3. We didn’t know we needed to hear this until today.

4. RM said what he needed to say.

5. Two types of ARMYs

6. RM talking about his own vocals

7. He is so poetic.

8. Shoutout to J-Hope!

9. He put an end to the rumors.

10. Tears in our eyes

Check out all of RM’s talking moments from the streaming party below.


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