ARMYs Suspect BTS’s RM Might Have Finally Gotten His Driver’s License

His passenger princess era is over?

BTS‘s RM is a man of many talents. He is a rapper, a producer, a songwriter, and the leader of the biggest boyband in the world. When he is not busy doing one of those things, or all of them together, he is also a noted art connoisseur and a plant dad. Among so many of his skills, he only lacks (lacked?) one thing—a driver’s license.

RM | Weverse

Over the past few years, RM has agonized over how he is the only one in the group who still doesn’t have a driver’s license.

His members were more than happy to drive him around during schedules such as Bon Voyage and In The Soop, and when on his own, a bike is all RM needs to get to places. But now, many ARMYs believe that his days of being a passenger princess is over.

RM in the passenger seat while Jugnkook drove the camping car in “Bon Voyage” season 4 | HYBE Labels
RM in the passenger seat while Suga drove him around during “Bon Voyage” season 4 | HYBE Labels

The reason? The official visualizer of “Hectic,” a song from RM’s new album Indigo. In the video, which is shot from the first-person perspective of RM, he can be seen getting into a car and steering away on the road.

Though fans are still waiting for an official confirmation, many have already started to feel betrayed as they thought RM would be on the journey of being a non-driver with them forever. Others are admiring how he was fixed upon getting his license by this year during the “Sexy Nukim” shoot and he actually made it happen!

Well, on the bright side, if it’s really true, maybe the world can get another bop like “Bicycle,” but this time about car-rides.


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