BTS’s RM Is Set To MC “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge”— But Can It Top These 5 Iconic “Problematic Men” Moments?

He’s bringing the sexy brain back!

BTS‘s RM will be participating in the TvN show The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge as an MC. The show will air sometime this winter, but the exact dates have not been revealed yet. The intellectual yet fun format of the show has ARMYs excited to see a return of RM’s genius persona on screen, something that they got to see while he participated in another TvN show, Problematic Men, in 2015.

| @tvn_joy/Instagram

Though the two shows are very different in content structure, one can’t help but wonder if The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge would be able to bring us iconic moments like these:

1. The Unforgettable Photoshoots:

From the show’s official posters to the magazine photoshoots, RM’s Problematic Men era served looks on looks.

2. RM’s White Day Gift

This clip single-handedly made ARMYs realize what the BTS song “Blanket Kick” is all about.

3. Jackson VS RM Freestyle Rap

Diss hajima” was a real cultural reset. So was RM rhyming “Jackson” with “Anglo-Saxon.”

4. RM Solving The Difficult Problems In A Blink

RM explaining all sorts of solutions on a board while looking like that—where do we sign up for these classes?

5. When Jun Hyun Moo Flustered RM On Camera

The recovery after he got taken aback by Hyun Moo’s question has to be the smoothest UNO reverse in television history.

Just based on these few clips, it looks like The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge already has some tough competition. But the fresh concept of the show might bring out another intellectual side of RM, probably for the first time.

RM will be joined by film director Jang Hangjoon as an MC on the show. The other panelists on the show include novelist Kim Youngha, physicist Kim Sangwook, law scholar and professor Lee Ho, and astronomer Dr. Shim Chaekyung. These intellectual panelists will discuss various issues such as society, politics, art, science, and literature as they travel to particular tourist sites. The insights shared by them are meant to fulfill the useless curiosities anyone might have on a daily basis.


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