4 Times BTS Members Spilled The Tea On Their Leader RM

Jungkook once shared when RM is at his “scariest.”

BTS often tease their leader RM, and there have been moments where they have spilled the tea on RM!


Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Trying to “expose” RM, but it “backfiring”

During BTS’s guest appearance on Mnet‘s Yaman TV, the members tried “exposing” RM, but it ended up “backfiring.”

BTS’s Jimin

It began with Jimin saying that he believes that RM and Jin are “perverts.”

This caused laughter, and J-Hope then took over to share something. J-Hope shared that BTS’s rap line (Suga, RM, and himself) has a studio. J-Hope then shared that the computer in the studio often gets viruses, implying that RM downloads and watches adult videos on it!

RM replied by sharing that the other members watch these videos if he downloads them, and none of the members denied this!

2. RM’s loud singing

During 2016 FESTA, the members teased RM a bit for his loud singing!

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope shared that RM “is the weirdest when he’s singing with his earphones in.”

J-Hope then demonstrated what RM looks like when he’s singing with his earphones in, and it caused laughter.

Suga shared that there have been moments where RM sang loudly in a taxi when they were abroad!

Then he’ll (RM) just start singing by himself, and the driver can’t tell if he’s singing or rapping, and I feel like the driver wonders why we sound like that if we’re singers. I get pretty embarrassed during those moments.

— Suga

Jungkook asked for a favor from RM and asked if he could be calmer during flights. One time, RM was in a seat far from Jungkook, but Jungkook still was able to hear RM’s singing! This caused the members to laugh once again!

3. RM when he’s the “scariest”

When BTS was enjoying food, Jungkook spoke about RM when he’s the “scariest.”

BTS’s Jungkook | VLIVE

RM asked if someone could pass him a plate, and Suga asked someone off-camera. Despite RM being right next to Suga and Jungkook, he didn’t seem to hear anything they said.

Jungkook then shared, “Rapmon’s the scariest when he pounces on food. I don’t think he sees anything else.”

4. RM’s snoring

RM has a habit of snoring, and Suga once savagely spoke about how loud it can be.

BTS’s Suga

When BTS guested on Cultwo Show, Suga shared that when some of the other members were younger, they heard RM’s snoring and thought a “tank” passed by!

It’s not just the other members who believe that RM’s snoring is loud, as RM himself shared that he sometimes gets shocked by how loud his snoring is.


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