The BTS Members Once Tried “Exposing” RM…But It Ended Up “Backfiring”

RM had quite a response.

The BTS members are quite the savages to each other, as there have been multiple moments where they have playfully dissed each other.

However, one time, the members tried “exposing” RM, but it ended up “backfiring”.

During an episode of Yaman TV, Jimin stated how he believed that RM and Jin were perverts.

The cast members of the show then agreed with Jimin a bit, as they said that RM had that kind of “vibe”.

Then, J-Hope decided to add to Jimin’s statement.

J-Hope shared that BTS’s rap line (Suga, RM, and himself) have a studio for themselves and that the computer in the studio gets a lot of viruses, implying that RM often downloads and watches adult videos on the computer.

However, RM responded by saying that if he downloads any videos, then all the members end up watching as well, which no one denied.

Here’s the full video below!


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