10 Unwhitewashed Photos Of BTS’s RM That Show What He Looks Like In Real Life

He’s stunning! 😍

BTS‘s RM is breaking down harsh Korean beauty standards by showing how gorgeous his tan skin is and receiving love worldwide for his good looks. Check out some photos of his natural, unwhitewashed skin tone below!

1. He’s always glowing!

2. Neon colors look stunning against his skin tone.

3. RM always looks chic and fashionable in a suit.

4. This photoshoot isΒ everything!

5. We will never forget this iconic hair color.

6. He has the sweetest smile!

7. These photos are so boyfriend material.

8. Natural lighting does him wonders!

9. Fans get to see his true visuals in person at fansign events.

10. He’s always so handsome!


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