BTS’s RM Does The “What’s In My Bag?” Challenge — Here Are His Top 8 Essentials

He brings these things everywhere.

BTS‘s RM once shared his travel essentials when doing the “What’s in my bag” challenge! Check out everything he revealed in an interview from BTS‘s third year ARMY membership kit.

BTS’s RM | XSportsNews

1. Glasses and Lens

Of course, he always brings his reading glasses or a pair of lenses with him for obvious reasons.

For my bad eyes

— RM

2. Pouch

To organize his belongings when traveling, he brings a pouch with him.

It’s a pouch that was given by the airplane but I really liked it so I still use it

— RM

3. Candy

There’s no other reason, other than “It’s delicious!”

4. Sunglasses

As a fashionista, he always brings a trendy pair of sunglasses with him.

5. Books

Known for being a bookworm, RM is always reading something.

6. T-Shirt

He always brings a spare shirt with him.

A black shirt that’s really comfortable just in case we have to do choreography practice

— RM

7. Earphones

RM is known for being a bit forgetful and can lose his earphones pretty often, so he makes sure to bring multiple pairs.

My earphones that I need many of since I’m constantly losing them

— RM

8. Wallet

For RM, having money = having food!

So I won’t die from starvation

— RM

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