BTS’s Suga Does The “What’s In My Bag?” Challenge — Here Are His Top 13 Essentials

He brings these everywhere with him!

During BTS‘s third year ARMY membership kit, each member did the “What’s in my bag?” challenge. Suga revealed just how prepared he is during BTS’s busy schedule with his top 13 essentials he brings everywhere. Check out his must-have items below!

BTS’s Suga | Newsen

1. Three Pouches

Inside his bag, Suga organizes his belongings into separate compartments so he can easily find what he’s looking for.

To be organized, things are arranged separately in three pouches depending on their uses.

— Suga

2. Earphones

As a lover of music, having earphones with him is an absolute must.

A good earphone is when you can’t hear the world after pressing the PLAY button. This is a must because I don’t want noise.

— Suga

3. Totoro Batter Charger (Power Bank)

Of course, a phone battery is an essential!

His is shaped like none other than the adorable character Totoro.

4. White Tube Cream

Skincare is important to Suga. After washing his face, he applies his face cream.

5. Wallet

Gotta have money on you at all times!

6. Sleeping Mask

Suga brings his sleeping mask just in case…but he’s not too fond of it!

I don’t really use it. It’s a dark place when I use it.

— Suga

7. Eyeglasses

Whenever he gets time to work on something, he needs his glasses.

Since I’m nearsighted.. I need this when composing and reading.

— Suga

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8. Sunglasses

He recommends sunglasses to cover your face when you don’t look your best!

9. Tablet

Suga stays busy and productive by bringing his tablet everywhere with him.

When we are waiting.. in a room or while we are flight, I use this (especially) when I am composing. I also use it for taking videos.

— Suga

10. Mouth Spray and Lip Balm

You can’t go anywhere without these!

11. Earplugs

Suga never knows when he might have to sleep in a noisy environment, so earplugs are important.

12. Japanese Handbook

If he has some time to study languages, he always brings his handbook!

13. Razor

How else do you think he got this baby soft skin?

Suga is ready for any trip with these essentials!

Suga’s “What’s In My Bag?” Items | A.R.M.Y 3rd Term Membership Kit

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