BTS’s V Spills The Top 5 Essentials He Always Keeps In His Bag

He did the “What’s in my bag?” challenge!

V never forgets to bring the essentials with him during his busy schedule. In BTS‘s third year ARMY membership kit, each member revealed the items they bring everywhere with them at all times. Check out all of his choices below!

1. Cell Phone

Of course, everyone’s #1 item is their phone. Whether it’s in his pocket or bag, it’s always with him.

If you put your phone in your slacks they don’t fit right so I put it in my bag. (To be honest I put them in my pocket often…)

— V

2. Phone Charger

You can’t have one without the other! On the road, V always remembers to bring his phone charger in his bag.

Since I have to charge if I run out of battery…

— V

3. Portable Battery

Since BTS are always busy, a portable battery is a necessity.

A portable external battery is a must-have item. When you’re outside this is unconditional

— V

4. Toothbrush Kit

Due to their schedules that go late into the night or into the early morning, a tooth brush is important.

As expected this is a must-have for us… At the dorm sometimes we leave at dawn or come back late at night, so if we want to clean our teeth we have to take this with us.

— V

5. Mask

Lastly, V never forgets to carry a mask with him so he stays healthy.

Of course hygiene is important.

— V

He definitely travels light!

V’s “What’s In My Bag?” Items | A.R.M.Y 3rd Term Membership Kit

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