BTS’s RM Speaking Fluent English Will Never Not Be Hot, According To These 10+ Unbelievably Thirsty Tweets By ARMYs

BTS members aren’t the only ones who like RM’s sexy brain, after all.

It’s no doubt that the members of the worldwide superstar boy group BTS are incredibly attractive.

Everyone on this group is considered sexy in his own right.

And while there are thousands of articles talking about how how their physical visuals are, there’s also a need to emphasize that their “hotness” or “sexiness” isn’t just limited to what they eyes can see.

It can also be expressed on what your ears can hear, too.

Now, since it would take a long time to talk about every member’s individual innate sexiness, why don’t we start with their leader RM first?

For one thing, ARMYs especially find it sexy whenever RM shows off his fluency in English.

Starting off with jokingly telling Jimin that he doesn’t have any “jams”…

…and moving on to holding English lessons for the maknae line in the group, RM’s English-speaking brain is really a “sexy brain”, like what Jin would say.

Add the adorable moments when RM helped his members with translating…

…and of course, that one time he led in delivering BTS’s speech at the United Nations, and you’ve got millions of ARMYs who love the way he incredibly speaks English.

Not yet convinced about this? Here are 10+ tweets you can read as proof, your honor.

1. This type of duality specific only to RM

2. Where’s the lie, though?

3. His low voice just adds another level to it

4. Proving ARMYs right since 2013

5. No amount of help can make you get over it

6. Please RM, say more English words

7. Confidence us incredibly sexy, after all

8. Even the way he types is hot

9. BTS is always a treat for the eyes (and ears!)

10. J-Hope is completely right

11. This deep voice is bad for the “baby”

12. Get you a man who knows his priorities

13. So this is what “eargasm” feels like

14. Teach English to us

15. Even other male idols couldn’t resist him

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