4 Stories About BTS’s RM That Will Break Your Heart

RM received backlash for his decision to become an idol!

Each BTS member has had to deal with difficulties on their journey to success, and RM is no exception. Here are 4 stories about BTS’s RM that will break your heart.

1. RM talking about the feeling of emptiness


During BTS’s global press conference for their album BE, RM was asked about how the members cope with difficulties in their lives and the feeling of emptiness, and he gave an honest answer. When BTS achieve something, there is always a sense of emptiness afterward.

For example, even if we were to win a GRAMMY, while there would be an enormous sense of joy and fulfillment, there will always be a sense of emptiness afterward.

— RM

BTS’s RM | Big Hit Entertainment

Even when BTS has perfect performances, RM still feels a little discouraged.

Even if we finish our performances perfectly, I think I’ll always feel the feelings of regret and despair, which always discourages me. Even in this moment with ‘Life Goes On’, I struggle with those feelings.

— RM

BTS’s RM | Big Hit Entertainment

However, all the love BTS receives from ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) helps RM cope with these types of feelings.

There are a lot of good and meaningful people in the world. The members, we all mean something to one another. The label means something to us and vice versa. There’s also all the people around the world who listen to our music and people like you who allow us to communicate. All of the people and the relationships we have help me cope with these types of feelings.

— RM

2. RM having mixed feelings when he was a trainee


RM was the first member of the group to be recruited by Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency), and he shared that being a trainee was difficult. During an interview, RM shared that while he could think of many nice memories from his trainee days, there were also lots of sad ones.

One of the worst things RM had to deal with when he was a trainee was seeing other trainees leave the company.

While these other trainees were RM’s competitors, he still felt sorry for them. When RM saw trainees leaving the company, he didn’t know how he should feel.

3. RM receiving backlash for becoming an idol


Before RM debuted in BTS, he was active as an underground rapper. When RM decided to become an idol, some people criticized him.

These people criticized RM since they didn’t believe that idols are “real” rappers.


RM then honestly admitted that these negative comments got to him early in his career and that he obsessed over proving them wrong.


However, RM soon realized that making music that inspires people was more important than proving these people wrong.

4. Netizens doubting BTS


When BTS began their journey, a lot of people doubted them. RM even once read some comments from malicious netizens when he appeared on the 4 Things Show. Some netizens criticized RM’s visuals.

Other netizens criticized BTS’s music.

After reading these comments, RM told these malicious netizens that he would prove them wrong, and he most certainly did.