BTS’s RM Reveals That He Faced Some Backlash For His Decision To Become A K-Pop Idol

The comments bothered RM a lot at first.

While RM is now known as the talented leader of BTS, he originally started as an underground rapper.

During an episode of Yaman TV, RM revealed that when he decided to become a K-Pop idol, he received quite a bit of backlash.

RM stated that a lot of people were disappointed in his decision to become an idol, where some people told him, “Why did a hardworking guy like you suddenly debut as an idol?

Other people criticized RM since they didn’t believe that idols were rappers.

RM admitted that during BTS’s earlier days, he was quite obsessed with these negative comments and strived to prove these people wrong.

However, as time went on, RM started to focus more on making music that would inspire people and give them power.

Here’s the full video below!


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