10 Times RM Was 200% Done With Being BTS’s Translator

“Strong power, thank you.”

BTS‘s leader RM has many duties, including being the group’s Korean-to-English translator. Although RM usually does his best to convey his members’ feelings in English, sometimes he’s just done. Here are 10 of Translator RM’s best “I quit” moments.


1. Energy? Let’s not get it.

Jungkook spoke from the heart about ARMY and BTS being each other’s energy, but RM just didn’t feel like elaborating!

“Let’s get energy,” RM said. There. Done!

2. Too much love?

There’s no such thing as too much love, but too many words? Definitely. RM summed up Jimin‘s loving message to ARMY with two words, “Love you.”

Can you explain a bit more?” Jimin asked. He can, but he won’t.

3. When Jimin had too much to say

It isn’t easy trying to listen, memorize, and translate on the spot. RM’s face says it all!

4. “Strong power, thank you.”

On The Show, RM gave up trying to translate V‘s lengthy message, so he summed it up in these four words.

5. When he took matters into his own hands

James Corden asked BTS what fans could expect from their album Map of the Soul: 7, but the question seemed to get lost in translation. RM could have asked it again, in Korean, but no.

He let this hilarious silence happen, then answered the question himself!

6. The gist of Jin’s message

By this point in the interview, Jin knew RM was not going to translate everything he wanted to say about enjoying concerts with ARMY, but he said it anyway.

RM’s translation? “Let’s enjoy together.” 

7. Rich Man J-Hope

In this interview, RM did a whole lot of one-line translations. When V talked about how J-Hope buys them gifts, RM translated the message to this; “J-Hope. Money. Rich.” 

8. And the GRAMMY goes to….whoever lets him watch the show in peace.

While watching the GRAMMYs, Jimin asked RM to hurry up and translate what a presenter was saying. Translator RM was off-duty that night.

9. When Jungkook was taking way too long to answer

Ding! Time is up. RM snatched the mic from Jungkook and went on with the interview.

10. What might be the most chaotic 40 seconds in interview history


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