10+ Funny Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 146 That You Need To See

Today’s “you laugh, you lose” challenge.

In Episode 146 of Run BTS!, BTS returned to the Joseon Dynasty to find the ARMY headstone. The members had plenty of hilarious moments (and savage moments) while hunting down thieves. Here are 10+ that everyone should see!

1. Jimin’s dramatic acting

The young master died tragically as a prisoner, clutching his flowers…

Jimin | Run BTS!/Weverse
Run BTS!/Weverse

…and nobody cared!

V | Run BTS!/Weverse

2. Suga pretending to be a mannequin to escape the royal army

Am I detecting a pattern? In Episode 24, Suga pretended to be a zombie to escape the undead!

3. The exact moment when Jungkook stopped trusting everything and everyone

4. V trying to cheat his way out of the Joseon Dynasty

His “servants” wouldn’t allow it.

Run BTS!/Weverse
Run BTS!/Weverse

5. This stalemate

6. RM losing his patience for the zillionth time

7. J-Hope speaking the language of cats like he invented it

8. Suga and Jimin ganging up on V

9. Jin desperately trying not to blink

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse
Run BTS!/Weverse

10. Jimin pointing out the “thief” to the staff

11. Jungkook lifting Jin up like he weighs nothing

Why use a ladder when a perfectly good maknae is available?