3 Times BTS’s Savageness Towards Each Other Made Other Celebrities Laugh

V once “dissed” Jimin without saying a word to him!

The BTS members have no problem teasing each other on broadcasts, and there have been moments where they have made other celebrities laugh with their savageness towards each other! Here are 3 of these moments.

1. Jungkook teasing Jin in front of Kang Ho Dong

When Jin and Jungkook guested on JTBC‘s Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Jungkook teased Jin when he made a mistake.

Kang Ho Dong, BTS’s Jungkook, Jin (Left to right) | JTBC

Lee Kyung Kyu was giving focus on a doorbell, and Jin slowly started approaching it.

While Lee Kyung Kyu told everyone not to ring the doorbell, Jin didn’t hear him and rang it! This surprised everyone.

Thankfully for Jin, there was nobody home. Jungkook then decided to tease Jin a bit about his age. Kang Ho Dong heard all of this, and he burst with laughter at Jungkook’s savageness!

Jin then spoke about some ways Jungkook teases him, and this once again caused laughter.

2. V “dissing” Jimin and making T1 laugh

When professional League of Legends team T1 guested on Run BTS!, V decided to “diss” Jimin a bit!

BTS & T1

After playing games for several hours, the T1 members took turns talking about their experience of playing games with BTS. When it was T1 Canna‘s turn, he shared that he had a great time and complimented BTS’s cheerfulness. V then whispered something into his ear.


Canna then said, ”I think Jimin is not good at playing games.” After he said this, everyone burst with laughter!

Not long after, T1’s Cuzz thanked Jimin for taking good care of him, and Jimin got up and hilariously told V and Canna, “Did you hear that?” The BTS members, however, once again teased Jimin about his gaming skills!

3. Jungkook & RM “exposing” V in front of chef Baek Jong Won

In episode 142 of Run BTS!, V spoke about his “allergies” in front of chef Baek Jong Won, but Jungkook and RM decided to “call him out!”

BTS & chef Baek Jong Won

V told Baek Jong Won that he’s “allergic to beans.”


Jungkook quickly said that this wasn’t true! He then said that V was a picky eater.


RM joined Jungkook and said that V’s “allergy” is actually a preference and that he doesn’t like the texture of beans.


Baek Jong Won couldn’t help but laugh listening to the members!