4 Times BTS Scared The Daylights Out Of Each Other

The members sometimes scare each other without trying!

The BTS members are extremely playful, and there have been many instances where they have scared each other. There have also been instances where they scared each other without even trying to! Here are 4 times BTS scared the daylights out of each other.

1. Jimin scaring J-Hope and Jin without trying to

Jin and J-Hope get scared quite easily, and Jimin once scared them without even trying to!

BTS’s Jin and J-Hope

One time, Jimin pointed towards some beds, and both J-Hope and Jin flinched and started to run!  

J-Hope ran far away from the beds while Jin asked Jimin why he pointed at the beds.

Jimin then laughingly said that he pointed since he thought the beds were pretty! After hearing this, J-Hope returned.

2. BTS’s small prank when RM was recording

In the past, when RM was recording a song, the members decided to spook him a little!


In an interview, RM spoke about an incident that happened when they were recording a song. When it was RM’s turn to record, he got spooked when he heard some strange sounds.

We were recording one of our songs. I was recording that song with J-Hope, and I heard a sound that was like kicking the door and knocking on the door. I heard that, and I was like, ‘What the hell was that?! Hey, did you hear that?!”

— RM

RM ran out of the recording studio because he was so scared! He soon returned to the recording studio, and the members decided to pull a small prank on RM!

When RM was recording, the members knocked on the studio door on purpose! RM was spooked, and he once again ran out of the recording studio.

RM later returned to the recording studio and was able to finish recording.

3. RM accidentally scaring Jin

RM once tried helping Jin, but he ended up scaring him!

BTS’s Jin

When Jin played a VR (virtual reality) game, RM came up behind him to tell him to be careful.

Jin was not expecting this, and he got quite scared!

4. V getting spooked by “ghost” Jungkook

BTS’s playful maknae Jungkook once spooked V when they went to an “abandoned factory!”


V went into the “abandoned factory” with Jungkook, and Jungkook decided to be playful and hide from V. When V found Jungkook, he let him know how spooked he was!

| hellosarang/YouTube 

Jungkook also hid when other members came to the “abandoned factory,” but none could find him.

| hellosarang/YouTube  

Here’s the full video below!