Here’s The BTS Song You Should Listen To Right Now, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which song did you get?

BTS has a song to fit every mood and that’s perfect for every zodiac sign!

Here is the BTS song you should listen to right now based on your sun sign.

1. Aries

As the first of the zodiac signs, Aries is brave and outgoing. People with this sun sign are totally comfortable leading the way, and they don’t hesitate to share their opinions. Aries is assertive by nature, and they make great leaders.

“N.O” is the perfect sign for Aries. In this song, BTS encourages young people to follow their own dreams instead of letting someone else decide what they should do with their lives. This song is totally in line with Aries people’s assertive, leader-like nature.

2. Taurus

This earth sign loves to indulge in the finer things! People with this sun sign have great taste, and they love to treat themselves to nice clothes, yummy snacks, and fine dining experiences. Taurus is also incredibly loyal and reliable, and people with this as their sign make great friends.

“Home” is the perfect song for Taurus. This song is all about being with people who make everywhere feel at home. It reflects not only how Tauruses feel about their friends but also their love of spending chill nights at home.

3. Gemini

Gemini is one of the most curious signs in the entire zodiac! Geminis love asking questions, learning how other people see the world, and sharing their ideas with others. Geminis are great communicators, and their excellent sense of humor draws people to them. People with this sun sign are super sociable, and they make new friends easily.

“Filter” is the perfect song for Gemini. This sign is represented by twins, which reflects Gemini’s ability to fit themselves to every situation. “Filter” is all about letting someone decided which version of you they want to see, and it’s totally in line with Gemini’s natural duality.

4. Cancer

Cancers feel everything intensely and are super in touch with their emotions. They often decide to work through their feelings alone, even though they help everyone around them to work through their feelings. People with this sun sign are incredibly nurturing and loving, and they care deeply for others.

“2! 3!” is the perfect song for Cancers. In this song, BTS tells ARMY they can rely on them, and that they’ll all enjoy better days together. It totally reflects Cancer’s ability to make others feel heard, cared for, and loved.

5. Leo

Leos are confident, larger-than-life charmers! People with this sun sign have warm personalities and can transform practically everyone they meet into a friend. Leos are highly artistic, and they love to let their creative side shine. Their passionate about everything they do, and they throw themselves wholeheartedly into whatever they’re working on.

“Dynamite” is the perfect song for Leo. It’s hard to resist singing and dancing along when “Dynamite” comes on, and it’s equally as hard to resist smiling and joking around with playful Leos.

6. Virgo

Virgos are extremely detail-oriented, and they’re known for their high standards. People with this sun sign are often perfectionists, but they know how to let loose and have fun, too! Virgos are super organized and driven, and their passion for doing their best in everything they do inspires the people around them.

“Best of Me” is the perfect song for Virgo. In this song, BTS tells ARMY that they’re giving their fans the absolute best of them by working hard on their music and performances. This song totally lines up with this sun sign’s hard-working nature and high standards for itself.

7. Libra

This sign is one of the most laid-back signs! Libras value harmony, and their peaceful nature makes them easy to get along with.  Libras tend to be relationship-oriented, so they easily bond with other people. People with this sun sign have impeccable taste, and they’re known for having great personal style.

“Make It Right” is the perfect song for Libra. As its name suggests, this song is all about making things right, and the members sing from the perspective of a lover who seeks to improve their relationship and make everything better. Libras value balance and harmony, which makes this song about restoring peace in a relationship a great representative of Libra’s energy.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are super charismatic, magnetic, and mysterious! They are extremely intuitive, and people who are close to Scorpios feel like they can see right through them. People with this sun sign love to form intense bonds, and they are incredibly thoughtful.

“Intro: Singularity” is the perfect song for Scorpio. This song is full of metaphors, which totally fits Scorpio’s mysterious vibe. “Intro: Singularity” is also a very emotional song, and it reflects this water sign’s deep emotional intelligence.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius has a very adventurous spirit! People with this sun sign tend to be optimistic, and they love taking risks. Their daring nature means they’re always up for an adventure or a fun night out. People with this sign are natural philosophers, and they love to ponder the mysteries of the world.

“Boyz with Fun” is the perfect song for Sagittarius. This sign is one of the most fun signs in the zodiac, which makes this playful, fun BTS track a great choice for Sagittariuses!

10. Capricorn

Capricorn is one of the most disciplined zodiac signs! Capricorns are known for their endurance and determination, and there’s nothing they can’t accomplish once they put their minds to it. People with this sun sign tend to be career-motivated, and they are always setting goals.

“Dope” is the perfect song for Capricorn. In this song, BTS sings about working hard to further their careers while their peers have fun. “Dope” is totally in line with Capricorn’s determined, goal-oriented nature.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are known for being cool and quirky! This sign truly embodies rebellion, creativity, eccentricity, and intelligence. People with this sun sign often shock people with their strokes of genius and their great ideas. Aquarians love to move past old ideas to create something better, and they’re passionate about making the world a more compassionate place.

“Permission to Dance” is the perfect song for Aquarius. Aquarians are naturally rebellious and highly independent, and they don’t need others’ permission to do what they want to do, which makes “Permission to Dance” a great choice for this sign.

12. Pisces

Pisces is known for its gentle and compassionate nature. People with this sun sign have an uncanny ability to tap into others’ emotions and empathize with them. Pisceans are hyper-intuitive, and they’re great at helping people to work through their feelings. This sign is known for being very sweet, and Pisces’ kind heart and dreamy vibe win people over easily.

“Spring Day” is the perfect song for Pisces. This is one of BTS’s most emotional songs, and the members sing about missing a friend who they promise to meet again one day. This song is totally in line with this sign’s highly emotional and compassionate nature.

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