These Are The Most Popular BTS Songs Among Men

Gotta agree with all of them.

Although a large percentage of ARMYs are girls, it should come as no surprise to learn that many men also listen to BTS. In some cases, they may be familiar with their songs without even knowing that BTS are the ones singing it.

Recently, netizens discussed what they believe are the most popular BTS songs among men. Read on to see what they are!

1. Spring Day

Considering how “Spring Day” is the longest charting song on MelOn, it makes sense that even non-fans are familiar with this song.

2. Boy With Luv

“Boy With Luv” is one of BTS’s most successful releases to date. Having garnered over 78 million views on Youtube in just 24 hours, it goes without saying that all viewers weren’t just from women!

3. DNA

“DNA” is a fun, upbeat song that appeals to all genders. The song was so successful that it became the most viewed K-Pop music video of all time!

4. Blood Sweat & Tears

With the sexy choreography and sultry lyrics of “Blood Sweat & Tears”, some may think that it is only popular among women, but men enjoy it too!


“FIRE” is the perfect song to listen to during a workout or party. Its catchy beat and intense choreography are a favorite among men.


“I NEED U” is a song that is especially easy to listen to on repeat, whether the listener is a girl or boy.

7. MIC Drop

Last but not the least, “MIC Drop” is popular for its hype beat and catchy rap. It isn’t surprising to know that many men listen to it!

Source: theqoo