Here’s What BTS Fans Want To See From Big Hit Entertainment’s New Stylists

Fans have some ideas for BTS’s new style team.

Big Hit Entertainment is looking for new Visual Creative Stylists, and fans are excited to see what looks the new team will dress BTS in.

From “No More Dream” to “Life Goes On”, BTS’s members have worn many chic clothes in the last eight years. Although fans love most of the stylists’ choices, some outfits were a miss, in their eyes.

Here are some of the looks fans would love to see in the future!

1. Properly tailored outfits

BTS’s style team came under fire for dressing the members in ill-fitting outfits for TIME magazine and at this year’s Golden Disc Awards.

Many ARMYs are hoping the new stylists will move away from oversized clothes in favor of more flattering cuts.

2. Crop tops

Last year, BTS’s label juniors, TXT, made fans swoon over their crop tops.

TXT’s Yeonjun | Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook
TXT’s Taehyun | Weverse

Will the new stylists add looks like this to BTS’s wardrobe? ARMYs hope so!

Jin wore a crop top back in 2018 for the LOVE YOURSELF: Tear album jacket, but for the most part, BTS hasn’t spent much time in crop top country.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

Some fans are specifically asking to see Jimin wear a crop top, and yes, we can picture it!

3. Swords? Swords!

If you loved Suga‘s sword dance, his kingly “Daechwita” styling, and his Puss in Boots outfit for ARMY.Zip,  you’re not alone!

Swords are stylish accessories, but safe…? Not so much!

4. Goth Kings

BTS has dabbled in goth fashion before, but fans would love to see it revisited!

Picture this “Black Swan” Jungkook outfit, but with sleeves — all his tattoos on display. Could you handle it?

| @hatchuku/Twitter

Could you?

Check out some of BTS’s most iconic outfits here:

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