15 Iconic Signs Made By Fans For The Agust D Tour

#4 is hilarious!

BTS‘s Suga, also known as Agust D, is currently on tour and ARMYs are bringing some creative signs! Check out some of the best, funniest, and most sentimental below.

1. “Greatest days of my life: Today, That one day in 2025”

2. “Skipped my graduation to see you”

3. “In Agust D we trust”


5. “Young Yoongi would be so proud of you”

6. “I hope I’m saving you, too”

7. Calvin Klein Jungkook

8. “Agust D is my Anpanman”

9. “Your music saved me Min PD”

10. “Proud of our lotus flower”

11. LGBT+ community

12. “Latinas 4 Yoongi”

13. “Your music set me free”

14. “I only live once so I live harder than anyone”

15. “ILY = I Love Yoongi”


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