BTS Suga’s Top 15 Most Iconic Video Clips Of 2022, According To ARMY

We still can’t move on from #2.

As the year comes to a close, ARMY are picking their favorite BTS moments. From viral videos that reached nonfans to moments that shook the fandom, check out their choices for Suga below!

1. His insane visuals during Yet to Come in Busan

2. When he went viral for just taking off his beanie

3. Playing the piano like an angel

4. Every time he performed “RUN BTS”

5. This iconic clip from soundcheck that made everyone swerve for him

6. Stealing everyone’s hearts while sitting courtside at a basketball game

7. When he was too beautiful for words

8. The adorable way he said “forever” during this episode of Run BTS!

9. The way he walked around and looked at fans during “For Youth”

10. His endless smile during flying yoga

11. Every moment of “That That”

12. This entire livestream

13. Reuniting with J-Hope

14. Running around and kicking the balloons

15. This moment from Yet to Come in Busan


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