10 Iconic Moments From BTS Suga’s Hip Hop Lesson Everyone Should See

#6 is wild! 🤣

BTS‘s Suga recently picked up a new hobby! As an avid learner, Suga revealed he’s taking all kinds of new lessons that range from instruments to languages. He shared his experience taking a Hip Hop dance class where he polished some of the basic moves, practiced isolation techniques, and more. Check out some of the cutest, funniest, and best moments below!

1. Doing this booty move

This is officially every ARMY’s new favorite Yoongi clip!

2. Revealing the one move he practiced when he was a trainee

Before he could dance, he made sure to get this stance down pat.

3. His nonstop smiling the entire time

Watch for an instant boost of serotonin.

4. Every time he flipped his hair

He knows what he’s doing!

5. Talking about all of the new lessons he’s taking recently

Suga might inspire you to pick up a new hobby!

6. Sharing that his butt is noticeable during “Permission to Dance”

He confirmed what we were all thinking.

7. Doing the “Jack in the Box” dance move

This actually isn’t a reference to J-Hope‘s Jack in the Box album — However, J-Hope has also done this dance move before!

8. Showing off his glowing barefaced visuals

We need to know his skincare routine.

9. Practicing his isolation and making this adorable face

He’s getting into it!

10. Taking a quick water break

He refuels in this middle of his dance lesson.

Check out the full video of Suga’s Hip Hop Lesson below!


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