5 Of BTS Suga’s “In The SOOP” Husband Material Moments To Pump You Up For The Second Season

Domestic Suga is 😍

BTS recently announced that they’ll be releasing a second season of In the SOOP, and ARMY couldn’t be more excited!

Poster for the first season of BTS’s In the SOOP | IMDb

ARMY loved seeing Suga‘s domestic side during the first season of In the SOOP and tons of fans are excited to see the return of husband material Suga.

Here are # of Suga’s husband material moments from the first season of In the Soop we’d love to see recreated in the second season!

1. When he drove while listening to his own music

Basically, Suga driving=Suga driving ARMY wild!

Suga drove himself and Jin to the house BTS stayed at while filming In the SOOP while listening to IU‘s “Eight,” which Suga is featured in.

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Throughout the whole drive, Suga exuded husband material vibes and ARMY couldn’t get enough of how proud he looked of his work on “Eight.” Of course, it didn’t hurt that he coolly drove with one hand either!

2. Literally every time he cooked

Watching Suga cook is one of ARMY’s favorite pastimes!

While filming In the SOOP, Suga cooked for the members lots of times, and fans loved seeing his more domestic side.

He took great care of his fellow BTS members and ARMY couldn’t help but think of how great a husband he would be one day.

3. When he went fishing with Jin

Suga revealed that he doesn’t like fishing as much as Jin does, but he fishes with Jin because “Jin loves fishing.” 

Suga agreeing to fish with Jin simply because Jin enjoys it so much warmed ARMY’s hearts and proved just how sweet Suga really is!

4. When he was the artistic husband of our dreams

Suga’s artistic side really came out last year!

He did a few painting live streams before In the SOOP was released, and he painted while filming In the SOOP, too. While fans already knew that Suga is a musical genius, they loved seeing that his creativity extended into visual arts!

5. When he did the dishes

Although Suga cooked often while filming In the SOOP, the other members cooked, too. When he didn’t cook, he offered to do the dishes after the others finished cooking without complaint.

In this moment, Suga looked like a helpful husband who does his fair share of the chores.