13 Things We Learned From BTS’s Suga And IU On “Suchwita”

#12: This why they never stop bickering like siblings. 😂

Recently, BTS‘s Suga invited IU on the latest episode of “Suchwita.” Check out 13 iconic moments from the episode below!

IU and Suga | @BTS_twt/Twitter

1. He’s still not over this.

Not getting invited is his villain origin story.

2. He wants to grow old with his fans.

BRB, getting tissues.

3. The cat agenda is still in full effect.

The editors know.

4. He isn’t afraid to flex a little.

As he should.

5. Suga is always thinking of ARMY.

IU understood and instantly agreed.

6. The lyrics of “Snooze” hit deep.

This is what he said.

7. Younger Suga was somewhat “scary” looking.

Do you agree?

8. Producer Suga is the best.

ARMYs agree!

9. IU and Suga are like siblings.

They’re so chaotic!

10. They’ll always be making music together.

We love this collab.

11. Suga gives IU major props.

“The history of the Korean music industry can’t be explained without IU.”

12. They never stop bickering.

It’s too funny!

13. IU wants to collab with RM.

She never worked up the courage to ask for his number!