10 Relatable ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Suga In PSY’s “That That” Teaser

#4 is so accurate!

BTS‘s Suga surprised everyone when he revealed that not only is he producing PSY‘s new song “That That,” he’s also featured on the song and appearing in the music video! Watch the the teaser below and check out some funny and relatable reactions from fans.

1. No lies detected.

2. History repeats itself.

3. We all know what’s coming next!

4. Here’s what ARMY went through step by step.

5. So many credits, so little time!

6. Let us imagine it for a moment.

7. “Choreography?!”

8. The man you are today, Min Yoongi!

9. Let’s bring back this epic moment.

10. We can never get any rest around here.