8 Things You Never Knew About About BTS Suga, That’ll Make You Cry

I’m not crying. It’s just allergies, I swear!

BTS Suga has a reputation for being fierce on and off stage but there are many more sides to Suga than people first see. He’s hardworking, loyal, and a complete softie, and when he decides to show fans a glimpse of these parts of himself and opens up about the hardships and worries he’s faced in life, you’ll really want to cry! Here are some things you may not have known about Suga that will touch your heart.


1. He pushes himself when he’s sick and hurt

Suga rarely (if ever) shows when he’s hurting. In 2013, he forced himself to participate in promotions while he had appendicitis. And even when he was in the hospital he continued working on “Skool Luv Affair”!


While in 2016, he had the ear accident that left him out of commission for a while but he still insisted on doing something so took to Twitter to talk with fans.

BTS’s Suga Once Went Wild On Twitter, And ARMYs Didn’t Know What Was Going On


And during an appearance on K.Will‘s Young Street, Suga once admitted he used to have a very different frame but could no longer work out as much due to a predebut major shoulder injury.

“I used to have a bigger body before. No one would believe me but I had a big frame because I used to exercise really hard. After my shoulder injury, I was told by the doctors not to exercise or do sports. So I did my best to stay desperately tired.”

— Suga


2. He’s extremely hard working

It’s not all that uncommon to find Suga in the studio writing and composing music. In fact, some fans are convinced that a sound clip of the legendary “A-yo” was the very foundation for “Not Today” meaning he’s working on songs for the group two or more years ahead!


3. He’s a perfectionist in everything he does

Since he’s such a hardworking individual, he’s always looking to make sure everything is absolutely perfect and that the group’s finished albums will be loved by all.


He’s also incredibly hard on himself because of it. During a 2017 video log, he admitted he’s always worried when they get ready to drop music because he feels a burden to release good music.


Not only that but Suga tries his hardest when it comes to dancing. Although he may not have ever seen himself as a dancer, he always makes sure his moves are as good as the rest of his members even if his feet suffer.

“Hello, it’s Suga. If I want to beat my opponents at dancing then I don’t I have to do at least this much?”


4. The real reason he sleeps so often

He may be known as “Motionless Min” because he’s often spotted lying down or sleeping in many videos. He’s even admitted that that’s one of his favorite things to do! Even though he’s constantly caught on tape in a sleeping position…


The truth is he actually doesn’t actually sleep that much because he’s always hard at work. During one of Suga’s video logs back in 2013, he admitted that he was so busy with promotions that he didn’t get more than an hour of sleep…


And in a different video, admitted to sleeping and eating in the studio to get more work done.


5. Following his dream came with a big sacrifice

On more than one occasion, Suga has talked about his family opposing his music career.

“They strongly opposed it for about half a year. My father is a very strict person and since my parents suffered a lot, they didn’t want their own children to suffer too. they wanted their children to become civil servants and live stable lives.”

— Suga


They didn’t acknowledge or attend Suga’s music career for the longest time but when they did, it was one of the most memorable moments for ARMYs.


And now they support him wholeheartedly.

“But now they say, ‘Having the ability to realize his own dreams, that’s worth being proud of.’ They are now the ones that are the most supportive of me.”

— Suga


6. He’s faced his own inner demons

Not only has he faced the pressure of choosing to follow his dreams when his parents were disapproving at first but he’s also struggled with depression and anxiety.


While he has been pretty open about it from the very beginning, many of his song lyrics show just how difficult it’s been for him.

“I thoroughly hide myself, as if I’m a criminal. I couldn’t take a step outside the dorm, that was like a prison.” — “140503”


7. Loves his fellow members unconditionally

The tough persona we often see onstage is secretly hiding a big heart. Suga loves his members and thinks of them as family.


He’s the one who fixes things when RM’s clumsiness gets the better of him, works hand in hand with Jin to control his dongsaengs, and is a very sweet and attentive hyung.


Suga has shown over and over again that he truly does love his members.


8. Sincerely cares about ARMYs

Suga hasn’t just shown off his caring side to his fellow members, he also loves ARMYs with all his heart too.


During a self-log back in 2013, Suga worried about BTS’s growing fanbase…


Because he wanted to understand their hearts and show them even better performances in the future!


And since then, Suga has shown his love for ARMY even more. Like the time he bought gifts and hand wrote letters to fans…


And even fulfilled a 4-year-old promise!

Suga Finally Fulfills Promise He Made To A.R.M.Y 4 Years Ago


Suga truly is a kind, caring, loyal, and hardworking individual!