10+ Moments From BTS’s “Take Two” Performance Every ARMY Should See

You might have missed #2.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, BTS released a live performance of their new song, “Take Two.” Check out some of the best moments you might have missed below!

1. Jimin’s dreamy eye contact with the camera

2. RM and J-Hope goofing around at the beginning

3. Jungkook is ready to sing “Spring Day”

4. V’s gorgeous vocals

5. Suga’s precious smile looking at the members

6. Jin’s stunning voice

7. J-Hope winking at ARMY

8. Jungkook acting out the lyrics

9. Jimin harmonizing like an angel

10. Jin’s peace sign

11. Suga blessing us with his rap

12. J-Hope and RM getting distracted by the beat

13. A moment of V’s flawless visuals

14. Jimin’s little pout

15. Just RM grooving

16. J-Hope’s sentimental lyrics

17. Jungkook looking at the camera and mouthing “I’m happy”

18. The ending pose ๐Ÿ’œ

Watch the full performance below.