#TattoosForBangtan: 20+ BTS Tattoos Created By ARMY For Bangtan

“I’m in this Bangtan sh*t for life.”

BTS‘s seven members have tattooed the number “7” to commemorate their everlasting bond. Now, ARMYs around the world are sharing their own meaningful, BTS-inspired tattoos with the Twitter hashtag #TattoosForBangtan. Here are 20+ of them!

BTS’s Jungkook

1. Words of Wisdom

This ARMY tattooed BTS’s number seven, lyrics from “Answer : Love Myself” (“Even the scars made by your own mistakes mark your constellations”), and lyrics from “So Far Away” (“I live only because I can’t die”).

2. The everlasting HYYH era

BTS and ARMY will always remember this beautiful moment in their lives.

3. “Heartbeat”

This gorgeous tattoo showcases BTS’s cosmic whale and the planet from the “Heartbeat” music video, along with BTS’s signature color, purple.

4. Mission failed successfully?

It’s so cute!

5. “And you’re gonna be happy…” 

6. This J-Hope tribute

7. With BTS and ARMY, you never walk alone.

Only ARMYs will truly understand this very creative body art. It combines several references to BTS and their music, including the group’s debut date (June 2013), logo, and “Whalien 52” whale.

8. Like RM, this ARMY is a “Moon Child.”

9. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life meets LOVE YOURSELF

This tattoo combines a flower that resembles the smeraldo flower, drawn in the LOVE YOURSELF album art style, and HYYH. 

10. “Be happy”

Why have one tattoo when you can have four? This ARMY tattooed “love yourself,” “be happy,” “00:00,” and BTS’s “7.”

11. Did you know UV light tattoos are a thing?

(We didn’t!)

12. BTS’s birth flowers

If you’d like a BTS tattoo that’s on the subtle side, consider BTS’s birth flowers.

13. Go big or go home?

If you think subtlety is overrated, you might fall in love with these bold tatts that tattooist @finny_red created for clients.

14. This Jimin-inspired ink

15. An ode to J-Hope’s “Outro : EGO”

16. This ARMY’s personal galaxy

17. “Euphoria”

18. “Black Swan”

19. Giving WINGS to each member

20. This jaw-dropping AGUST D tribute

21. The “FAKE LOVE” lantern

22. “Sea”