At This Rate, Everything You Own Could Be BTS-Themed

From clothing to water to golf club covers, the amount of official merch is endless!

BTS has dropped and collaborated with many different products over the years, and it’s getting to be quite the variety. Ever since they revealed their new bottled water merchandise in October, fans have been wondering how far the group will go and if soon they could replace everything in their house with BTS. Here are just 13 examples of the hundreds of products they sell.

1. A Car

BTS has been endorsing Hyundai cars for a while now, but they truly caused a splash in September when they released a music video for the IONIQ car. Many people loved it so much that they either became a fan or already were one and wanted it on an album.

2. Soap Dispensers

Perhaps spurred on by the current pandemic, BT21 (BTS’s LINE characters) released an automatic soap dispenser in late October. While immensely adorable, it’s not really something that you would see most celebrities producing.

| @bt21_official/Instagram

3. Golf Club Covers

Look, we’re going to be honest with you, we didn’t even know golf club covers existed. Especially for the K-Pop community, it’s probably a pretty niche item. Despite that, it’s really cute!

| @bt21_official/Instagram

4. Coffee/Tea/Soda

BTS has had its fair share of beverage promotions and even the four below are only a few. Their recent stick coffees and teas have been a cute addition to many ARMYs mornings, and many of their cold brews have been flying off the shelves since it came to Walmart. They’ve also had their faces on quite a few soda cans including Coca-Cola and Chilsung Cider.

| @bt21_official/Instagram

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| Hype MY

5. A Plant

Yes, even a living plant can be BTS-themed. The BT21 planters have made raising a plant even easier than before and many have said that it is the first plant they’ve had that ever thrived. The seeds are random but it seems to either be strawberries, lemonbalm, cosmos, or peppermint.

6. Vitamins

Want to stay healthy? Missing that vitamin D from being in quarantine? BTS paired up with LEMONA vitamins just last year!


7. Ice Cream

This summer, BTS blessed Korean Baskin Robbins with a new ice cream flavor (and an ice cream cake!). The flavor is called “Bora Bora” and is a combination of four ice creams: blueberry, blueberry yogurt, yogurt, and blackberry sorbet. Along with dried blueberries and a blueberry swirl. They also had a 7 pack of the group’s favorite flavors and a “7” cake made of 7 different flavors.

RM: Puss In Boots, Jin: Cotton Candy Wonderland, Suga: Shooting Star, J-Hope: Mint Choco, Jimin: New York Cheesecake, V: Almond Bon Bon, Jungkook: Green Tea.

| US BTS Army

8. A Microphone

Just yesterday, BT21 revealed their very own karaoke microphone! With everyone staying at home this year, microphones have become a hot item to entertain yourself inside.

| @bt21_official/Instagram

9. An Alarm Clock

What better way to wake up than by a cute member of BT21? Not only is the modern design beautiful, but you can also decorate it with a photocard!

10. Tableware

Last year, BTS teamed up with KwangJuYo to bring elegant tableware to your homes. Now you can look professional and rep the boys at the same time!

11. Video Games/Dramas/Comics

BTS has been feeding ARMYs with tons of content lately, and that includes some things outside of the real world. With 3 official games, multiple video game collaborations, a webtoon, and an upcoming K-Drama, fans will certainly not be hungry.

| Webtoon
| MyDramaList

12. Contact Lenses

Last year, BTS and MTPR released colored contact lenses based on 3 eras: “Boy With Luv”, “DNA”, and “IDOL”. Colored contacts are a popular fashion item in Korea.

13. Temporary Tattoos

Ever been jealous of Jungkook’s tattoos but too scared of the pain? Not too long ago BTS teamed up with Instant Tattoo to bring us temporary tattoos inspired by BTS songs! The song themes include: “Spring Day”, “Black Swan”, “Dynamite”, “Black Swan”, and “Mikrokosmos” along with a few letterings.

And that’s not even counting some of the unofficial merch options!

This fan sums it up pretty perfectly:

So, will you be selling air next?