10+ Moments From BTS’s TMI-Filled Live Broadcast That You Need To See

#14 was so cute!

BTS held a live broadcast the night of October 20 to catch up with ARMY and give some spoilers for their upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts. In case you missed it, we have compiled some moments that you need to see!

From left: RM, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope of BTS. | BTS/VLIVE

So, here are 10+ moments from BTS’s live broadcast…

1. Drop the pics, BTS

2. Lots of abs were touched

3. RM’s new hair

4. When Jimin got hidden…

5. The struggle was real for V too

6. Facts were said

7. Celebrities are really just like us

8. 🎶Lean on me when you’re not strong🎶

9. Noms were nommed

10. 🎶Caught in a liiiieeee🎶

11. Suga is a busy man!

12. Jungkook is a bunny confirmed?

13. BTS just trying to be ARMYs’ wingman for Suga

14. Doing as told

15. When they hyped up Jin’s OST

16. They do be vibing

17. The hottest new toy? Masks


Source: BTS


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