BTS Reveals The Top 5 Songs ARMYs Want To See Live — And They Promise To Play Them ASAP

Please, let #1 happen!

On episode 144 of Run BTS!, the BTS members revealed the top 5 songs that received the most votes from ARMYs as songs they wish to see performed live. Check out the results below!

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5. Telepathy

Suga wrote “Telepathy,” which appeared on BTS’s BE, to commemorate the special bond between BTS and ARMY.

However, the only time they’ve been able to perform this song was during “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS” where they put on a cozy performance for the special in early 2021.

4. ON

Appearing on their album Map of the Soul: 7, BTS’s aggressive anthem “ON” took the beginning of 2020 by storm.

However, due to the pandemic, fans have only been able to see the iconic performance through a screen on various occasions. From music shows to online concerts, ARMYs can’t wait for the day they see the epic stage IRL!

3. Paradise

Often named as a fan-favorite when it comes to iconic B-sides, “Paradise” has never been played live despite being released as part of Love Yourself: Tear back in 2018.

2. Dis-ease

Written by J-Hope, “Dis-ease” captures his signature swag and old-school hip-hop vibes in a song about coping with workaholic tendencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BTS recently performed the song at Muster: “Sowoozoo,” but fans hope to see it up close and personal one day!

1. Louder Than Bombs

Off of Map of the Soul: 7, the smooth B-side “Louder Than Bombs” has surprisingly never been performed live.

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While BTS themselves didn’t anticipate this song reaching number 1 on ARMY’s list of songs they want to see live, they’ll be sure to include it next time they can perform in front of an audience!

| Run BTS!/Naver

Hopefully, all of these iconic songs will eventually grace the stage and be performed in front of ARMYs one day!

| Run BTS!/Naver